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August 11, 2008

Just one...

McCain is in the news today, topping his Obama is a celebrity video commentary with something even more self-deprecating.

He's apparently going to "pledge" that if elected he'll only be a "one term president."

First, what's the difference between a pledge and a promise?  We think that pledges are more easily broken by conservatives, because they can claim that "circumstances" force them to continue their "service."

And promises? Well, promises can't be broken. They'd never break promises.

Aside from that, we think it's a very interesting proposition. Interesting in the same way that green mold on cheese makes a meal more interesting.  Think about a guy who offers to take you out for "only one date." Or a waiter who says no matter what this will be the "only meal he'll ever serve you." Do you really want a barber, doctor, tax accountant who has already given up on your repeat patronage?

Frankly, we'd rather have him say "I'm only going to lie to you once."  Unfortunately, that statement would probably be the lie.


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