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August 8, 2008

Free Tibet...

We're just saying that to piss off China.  Returning the favor so to speak.

Why?  Well, it's only started and were already SO FUCKING TIRED OF THE GODDAMN OLYMPICS it's not funny. Seriously, we're thinking about just pulling the plug on the fucking entertainment system so we don't have to see the goddamn banner reminders about news coverage of today's medal count, human interest story, heartbreaking failure or courageous triumph of the fucking human spirit.  Really, there is nothing new here at all, they might as well be running the last Olympic coverage again to show us all the lame newscasters doing their same lame stories... no one would know it was four years old.

Except for that whole "in China" thing.  That's pushing this thing into the SUPER LAME column.

Why is China the lamest country on the planet?  Population.  Per capita lame.  They've overextended themselves to make them a body count superpower.  And the cost?  Amazing pollution, oppressive government, superstitious populace... the list goes on.

Here's an example: Check out this society that systematically destroys endangered wildlife in search of herbal boner medicines. Rhino horn? Tiger penis? Really? You're a superpower who believes in eating tiger penis to make you more virile? And do you really need to be more virile when you're limited in the number of kids you can have? And dude, eating penis isn't really the type of virile we'd brag about.

An then there's that whole "Eight" thing, that we're going to hear over and over *8*/*8*/200*8*.  Guess what idiots, it's not 8/8/8.  It's 8/8/*2008* which kind of blows your exuberance all to hell.  Tired of the color RED yet?  You will be.  Tired of all the "New China" talk? You're only going to see it while the world's cameras are on.

And yes, it doesn't really matter that "the Games" are in China. We'd hate this propped up media event no matter what oppressive government was hosting it.  Yeah, that includes the USA.

Free Tibet.  And while you're at it, free Hawaii, California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Idaho...

  Seriously, we love the Chinese people.  We just can't take the government, caste system, art, music, food...

Also, given that amazing sky, how many days 'till an athlete drops faint from oxygen deprivation?  We're going with 0.5.


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