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July 30, 2008

A couple of days of drool...

We're taking it easy for a couple of days and letting you drive.  Comments from users, with a response or two...

Is it not odd that oft times, in order to destroy evil where it must be found, one must bear the dishonor of being evil oneself? For example, in order to literally destroy evil, one must destroy – yet the act of destruction itself is evil, making the one targeting evil evil. In order to undermine evil, one must understand evil; and in order to understand evil, one must be evil. In order to convince others to think to combat the evil inherent in stupidity and unquestionable acceptance, one must bear the mark of evil in turning away from society’s norms, for is it not evil to go against society itself? -Arane

That's deep. But please don't try to justify us, it cheapens the experience.


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