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July 26, 2008

A couple of days of drool...

We're taking it easy for a couple of days and letting you drive.  Comments from users, with a response or two...

So I just got back from windsurfing with my boy Seth, one of the founders and former CEO of a valley startup and owner of a rather tidy nest egg. En route we had a pretty solid conversation about the merits of Rock Band versus Guitar Hero. I wanted to feel sad on reading your homepage, considering that in all of our summers at graduate school we also never learned any theorems either, and we certainly can wax a few admitiedly useless but entertaining statistics. But as it turns out, we learned enough in the regular year to get that job that requires all that 'crap,' and have a big enough pile of loot to sit on that we probably figure it out when that knee issue becomes chronic. Funny part is, I might not have landed that first job without knowing how to model brownian motion as a PDE, but as I recall, all of the great moments in my career came about with relationships, the kind you get waxing ridiculous sports statistics or some adult version of skateboarding. But, you know ... nice webpage.

We are so hoping you didn't type all that into the little insert bar.  But if you did, it explains a lot. We respect people who compose in their word processor with automatic spell-checking turned off.  Wait... respect? Sorry, admitiedly that was supposed to be ridicule. 


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