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July 23, 2008

Shocking Age Discovery!

We read with interest on CNN Politics.com that apparently young Republicans are worried about McCains "appeal."

Noting that the somewhat-more-in-tune-with-the-current-century 41 year-old Obama may inspire younger voters more than the yes-I-worked-side-by-side-with-Barney-Rubble-and-yes-people-got-us-confused-all-the-time McCain.

Quoting Eric "Date Magnet" Pearlmutter a member of the swinging Young Republicans at USC, "We try to get people out to our college Republican meetings, but ... we can't seem to draw the same kind of vocal support (as Obama)." Apparently McCain supporters are more into wheezing than chanting.

What's interesting here is that the bar for what "young" is seems to be rising. Apparently 40 is the new 30. But in McCain's case, the bar rises as well, and 70 is the new 80.

Fun Facts from CNN:

It's like they're comparing competing boy bands.  Only one of those boy bands is on their fifth reunion tour, and starting to look more than a little creepy.


And before you ask, yes, there was a special on hyphens this week.  We can't pass up a-bargan.


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