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July 15, 2008


Summer vacation is pretty much half-way over at this point.

Those of you still in educational facilities where this three month hiatus is still observed are no doubt wasting it away with little of value, little to remember. 

Yes, your video game progress is astounding, and will no doubt be a comfort as you recall it later in life. That skate boarding injury won't be really painful for another 15 years, and then it will be discussed with terms like "chronic" and "continual therapeutic sessions." But your drive to memorize sports statistics will no doubt pay off in the long run much more than remembering basic mathematical theorem, for which we agree with your evaluation that "you'll never use that crap"... because you won't qualify for a job that good.

Those of us who live in a world where every hour of vacation time is painfully slowly accrued wish you well. It's comforting to us to see that you are no wiser than we were.

Ha ha.


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