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July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Indy...

As we watched Indy 4 we repeatedly were struck by one thing, over and over.

Harrison Ford certainly gets struck by lots of things, over and over.

He's 66 today.  That's about 300 in action hero years, especially if you've spent any amount of it doing your own stunts.  Ford is notorious for having been injured or sick on the set, that scene in Raiders where he guns down the crazy sword guy was supposed to be a little longer and was rewritten to accommodate an ailing Ford. Just happens to have worked out to be a great scene by chance.

Sixty-six?  Time for that AARP to kick in, eh Indy.  All we have to say is hope we look better than you do when we hit the double six.  We know it's common to say "as good as you" but frankly if we have anything to say for it we'll go for better.

  Han shot first!  

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