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July 10, 2008

Dread the Eights...

As little as we're watching broadcast TV these days, we're dreading 8/8/08. Olympic fever. Is there anything more tedious than Olympic sport's TV coverage? Half-an-hour of color commentary about all that this mound of muscle has overcome to be here followed by a botched discus toss? It makes Dancing with the Stars look like fucking Masterpiece Theatre.

And you don't even want to watch the regular fucking news because of all that "hey, if you don't want to hear how things went at the Olympics today, cover your ears for the next two minutes" cuteness that the anchor droids all think is so damn original.  Really?  Cover your ears is the best you can do?  How bout you simply cover that bit of absolutely essential news TOMORROW! It's not like knowing what nations' mutant swam faster than all the other merfolk is going to change our lives in the meantime.

And if your quality of life does hinge on that data, perhaps it is finally time to consider that your life is wasted and really does have no meaning. Bad enough so many of you watch things on TV like NASCAR, but we're watching a sporting event in a city whose atmosphere is akin to some toxic chemical soup.

On second thought, maybe that last bit will make some of this worth watching.

  Aside: Caught the Ma did you. Yeah, that was fun. No, we're not explaining.  

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