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July 9, 2008

3G iPhone - Meh?

We've already rung in on the major cancer in the iPhone equation: Cingular (remember, wearing the dead skin of AT&T?).  But now we're reading the dismissive "Meh" from the general public.  You might dismiss the Mossbergs and Pogues, they're still the 90's tech icons they'll always be, but let's listen to what would normally be killer problems for those not under teh Steveo's reality distortion field...

For a next generation phone, it really does have some major suckage.  The hardware package is seductive, but like most seductions you don't get fucked if you think about it a bit. We'll hold out hope for a 3rd gen, maybe a little larger for an adult sized battery and with a carrier we respect a bit more.


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