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June 26, 2008

How do you sell powered luggage?

Pose two hot women using said luggage.


But seriously, with terrorist scanning on the rise, and the cost of luggage weight going up with the price of oil, can you think of a worse business plan? 


"What do you have for me in a product plan Jenkins?"

"Well sir, we'll add a battery, some circuits, and a motor to the construction of a bag, adding about six pounds overall. That way people who simply can't be bothered towing their own goods can experience a power-assisted tote."

"Good job Jenkins, that's sure to snag the attention of the bag scanners, and there's no such thing as bad PR!  Anything else?"

"Yes sir!  New tumbler locks!"

"Excellent, we all know how much Homeland Security loves locked luggage.  Even when they've approved the locks, there's going to be some uninformed moron with a crowbar at the ready!"

"And all for only $1400!  The lazy, rich, obese crowd is going to love it!"


But, as we said.  Hot models with luggage.


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