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June 22, 2008

Gadget Superiority...

We read with interest a report from the Neilson Online Research group on gadgets.


Apparently those of us who have a fondness, bordering on obsession - yes we know, are prone to certain traits.


These traits include leadership, dynamism, and assertiveness.


They also include a certain lack of modesty.


But we ask you, what is there to be modest about when you've always got the latest gadget?


Like Guitar Hero On Tour for the Nintendo DS. Now we can prove our superiority wherever we go. We've dissed GH before, mostly for those little posers who have to tour the local Targets playing for their drooling audience.


Us, we're On Tour, while we're on tour...


  And yeah, we're only kind of kidding here.  While we enjoy GHOT, we're not spending hours playing it.  Even less since Nintendo, in their wisdom, only supports WEP wireless security protocol.  WEP?  Might as well leave your wallet on the counter and walk away.  Nintendo, check your watch!  It's 2008 and you're sleeping on the job.  

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