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June 17, 2008

Hulk Not Talk About Feelings...

We were actually happy to see that most of the Incredible Hulk film is not about Bruce's feelings, even though that caused some reviewers to brand the movie "Lacking Emotional Resonance!" Reviewers, it's not "Hulk looking for completion, resolve inner conflicts, come to terms with complexion problems."  It's HULK SMASH!


Actually we're even more interested in the whole "my blood is poison" bit that was brought out early in the film and then later forgotten.  Forgotten as an unexpectedly dowdy version of Liv Tyler, in attempting to seduce Bruce, is told they can't go through with it because it would get him "excited."  Really? Just the rapid heartbeat thing?  How about that whole "hey, semen is a blood product, and I killed Stan Lee early in the movie with a single drop of my blood." 


Talk about "make sure you pull out before you finish!"


Note how we classily avoided the whole thing about Banner potentially changing into the Hulk mid-coitus? That maybe she knew what she was doing? There is that scene later in the lab where she jumps up on top of him on the table during the cure attempt... but no, we're not going there.  That would have been tacky. 

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