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June 11, 2008

Stories without ends...

We spent some time last night standing on a curb.  We had dashed out, only a few blocks to the source of the screeching tires and abrupt metal-on-metal punctuation that signaled an inescapable change of plans for a couple of drivers.


We speculated as to fault, who was the likely victim of low sun in the sky, speeding through lights, an unthinking turn into the Starbucks driveway. 


But at the end, after six patrol cars, two ambulances, and three fire trucks left, when the shattered glass nuggest were being swept up by the last remaining fireman, we walked away empty - not knowing the whole of the story or how it would eventually end.


And yeah, we do have a Starbucks within two blocks of us.  We give you permission to envy or vilify us.


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