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June 1, 2008


Yeah, while we watched all of the original run of HBO's Sex and the City, we didn't ever go in for their girly drinks or shopping haunts.


We watched it way too much just for Samantha's antics. OK, that's not fair, it had some great writing... and Samantha.


Report from the film guys.  Lots of nudity, but that's a front.  Mostly provided by sidebar characters who you've never seen before and won't again.  There are two scenes with main characters. Unfortunately, the one with Samantha is better left uncommented upon.  Oddly enough the hottest scene in the movie is a quick shot of Miranda, who amazingly enough looks better without clothes. Far too many of the others look better with a few foundation garments in play.


And guys, before you say "no way in hell would I go to that flick," note that the women to men ratio is running about ten to one.  Know any straight bars with that ratio, even on ladies nights?


Now if we could just find a theatre that is serving drinks during the show...


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