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April 12, 2008

And what the fuck?  Literally.

Question: How do you describe a set of political workers supports a candidate strictly on the basis of the money they are given?


Answer: Corrupt whores.


Which is pretty bad to add corrupt to whore, but what are you going to do? We turn our scorn towards the birthplace of democracy (yeah, we thought it was Greece too, but apparently we're wrong).  Philadelphia.


From a LA Times story:

Flush with payments from well-funded campaigns, the ward leaders and Democratic Party bosses typically spread out the cash in the days before the election, handing $10, $20 and $50 bills to the foot soldiers and loyalists who make up the party's workforce.

It is all legal -- but Obama's people are telling the local bosses he won't pay.

And continuing:

Carol Ann Campbell, a ward leader and Democratic superdelegate who supports Obama, estimated that the amount of street money Obama would need to lay out for election day is $400,000 to $500,000.

"This is a machine city, and ward leaders have to pay their committee people," Campbell said. "Barack Obama's campaign doesn't pay workers, and I guarantee you if they don't put up some money for those street workers, those leaders will most likely take Clinton money. It won't stop him from winning Philadelphia, but he won't come out with the numbers that he needs" to win the state.

OK, staunch evaluation of principals there.  Whore principals that is. Don't pay me, OK, I'll go service someone else who will. Funny how these folks are called Volunteers in most states, but here they're called "Street Workers." 


And that whole "Ward Leader" thing sounds like it might come with a big purple hat with a long feather in it. 


But seriously.  We want an Obama campaign slogan that reads "Hillary has to Pay for it."  Can't you just see the knowing smile on Bill's face now?


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