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April 7, 2008

Europe is doomed...

They've done a lot of dumb stuff, that European brain trust. Were we expecting more from a combination of the most whiney factions on the face of the Earth?  But this one proves they'll self-destruct.


The EU telecom commission just approved in-flight calling on flights over Europe.


We predict disaster. There will be blood. The only thing we can think as more brain-piercingly annoying than listening to some bitch talk about her family's dysfunction non stop for a six hour flight, is if her conversation was in French.


And a jury wouldn't convict us.

Of course we have a plan.  We travel with a hand-held recorder, just for notes you know.  Whenever some cow starts flapping her gums in flight we'll turn the thing on and point it at her, very visibly.  If she tells us to stop, we'll reply we were going to ask her to do the same.  We expect that we'll win at that, but again if things get out of hand at least we'll have some evidence as to why it was necessary.

Might start doing the same thing in restaurants.

And waiting rooms.

And movies.


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