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March 28, 2008

Basketball? Really?

Aside from the fact that we find "B Ball" fundamentally the most tedious of sports, simply a bore, we're currently annoyed at this annual distended wreckage called "play-off." With approximately 1500 games to go, we look forward to nights of drinking and self abuse over even turning on the television.


Seriously, will anyone remember any of this past the last two or three ladder rungs? Bad enough we have to listen to everyone prattle off about "their picks," as if they were personally involved in the various successes and failures, but national television has to get involved and cancel regular programming and extend sports sections during the news to cover these little non-events. And even news coverage seems to realize, down deep, how ludicrous this is and spends much of their coverage time showing who was in the audience at each event over game play. Good call there.


Really? Really TV? With apparently 100 basic cable sports channels out, sixteen flavors of ESPN alone, this sport where the act of "dribbling" is appropriately enough a major factor has to pre-empt regular programming? And where it isn't actually pre-empting, there's a better than even chance other programming will go to reruns rather than "waste" a new episode against this sport of freakishly tall imbeciles.


We mean, seriously, isn't NASCAR enough for all you "sports" fans? Or pro wrestling? Or FOX news?


Sure there are undoubtedly plenty of subtle nuances, real depth of strategy, coaching and play to the sport of basketball that we simply aren't appreciating and... snort... yeah right.


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