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March 24, 2008


We stand in awe of the arrogance of Apple pushing Safari down the throats of Windows users who blissfully believe they're getting an important update, probably new features or security fixes, for iTunes.  Sure, they could "opt out" of the installation if they're suspicious enough of Apple to think the advertised iTunes upgrade is anything more than that and pour over the installer to uncheck the box.   


Sure, it's Apple.  They're pure good. Right?


But an update.  It's supposed to be the minimum download for the software in question.  It's not supposed to be an opportunity for Apple to tack on however many more megabytes of unwanted Safari crap.  It goes beyond simply misleading, as we must download the whole package and not just our desired update.


We understand it's the plan that this is going to happen any time you update QuickTime too. Sure we want QuickTime on our PC, but only because we occasionally run into someone who embeds QuickTime, usually because they're using Mac web authoring tools and can't save out more compatible formats.  Hell, when we author on our Macs we have to jump through hoops to get stuff out there that everyone can enjoy without downloading or upgrading their browser add-ins.  We don't blame the novice consumer for this.  They bought the story.


Somebody has to do one of those I'm a PC/I'm a Mac vids about this one.  Maybe something about Justin Long having an STD...



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