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March 6, 2008

Oh, but they miss the subtle point...

The US Gov. made Google withdraw the "street view" images of  streets near military installations, calling them a "threat to national security."


We think the Pentagon is missing a subtle point.


Google's satellite and street views are so out of date as to be subtly feeding misinformation to our enemies.  The plans they make using that data will assure their failure.  So something like this might occur...


"The instructions say to take the offramp here  Ma-Ballz.  Iz-Hari, get the rocket launcher ready.  We should be coming up on the army base in a half-mile."


"But the ramp doesn't look right Graabir!"


"It's right here on the map Boubi printed from the computer Ma-Ballz.  Take the turn!  NOW!"


"The ramp just ends!  We're going to crash!"


"Damn your imperialist treachery Google Maps!"




See, it all works out for the best in the end.



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