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February 8, 2008

What would happen...

If California left the Union? 

Man, it really seems like something worth considering, given the differences of opinion between the Federal and the California governments.

Consider the differences in opinions on things like emissions standards and coastline plundering by commercial industry.  That's just a start of course. 

California law makes it legal for people who are sick, typically cancer victims undergoing chemotherapy, to be able to get marijuana with a doctor's prescription.  The MJ relieves the nausea, provides a natural calmative, and increases appetite.  It's cheap, and effective.

Of course it's not putting any money in the pockets of the pharmaceuticals industry, so the Federal Government says it's an illegal drug.  Big brother at the DEA is actively raiding establishments that help people get their herb, threatening to take their landlords to court for aiding and abetting.

Bush and crew are basically saying that CA doesn't have the right to establish their own laws on medical treatment.  After all, there are plenty of narcotics that are used in medicine - much more harmful than grass - but because there grass is cheap and effective the big business aspects keep it illegal.

We're overdue for a revolution.  Dream: The succession of California from the USA.  How long do you think it would be before the troops marched in.  Would the Govenator have the balls to stand up for his people? 

Probably not, but it's a fun dream.


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