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February 7, 2008

Border passwords...

So how stupid is this.

Border guards are taking laptops and phones as evidence to be used against people crossing.  Of course the one case they're spotlighting allegedly involves child porn, but there are many other cases on record. Then, when stymied by the lack of access, they're suing for the passwords so they can get at the contents. Isn't that somewhat like forcing someone to testify against themselves?

And are they not smart enough to break through the encryption anyway?  Thought that was what all that "encryption is a munitions" nonsense was about.

And seriously, if you want to move data across the border, you don't do it manually, unless you're retarded. Fuck, the internet is so much easier and safer. 

Our national protectors are still based in the 1950's.  Not very reassuring.


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