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January 14, 2008

Are We Sarah Connor?

We all know that she's fighting Sky Net, the global network of computers that "took over" in 1997.  However, in Terminator 2, Sarah changed the future, canceling the delaying events that end man's free reign on the planet.  Terminator 3 showed that delay of the inevitable was all she bought.

Now we've got a new series, taking place in 1999. Where Sarah and John fight unstoppable agents of this self-aware net entity. Can this prequel Sarah somehow invalidate the events of Terminator 3?  We sure hope so, as that movie sucked.

Which leaves things wide open as to who the new bad-guy organization is now.  What current entity is spawned out of this twisted tale of time traveling robots, serving a vast networked sentience.  Well, it's not your father's Skynet...

  Sorry if you're not full color viewing today, it's a visual, and a bit subtle at that...  

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