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December 20, 2007


Apparently monopoly power is fine if your name starts with Goo.  Approved today by the FTC, and we quote:

After carefully reviewing the evidence, we have concluded that Google's proposed acquisition of DoubleClick is unlikely to substantially lessen competition, the FTC wrote in a statement.

Um, yeah, right.

Understand, it's not that we hate Google.  Far from it.  We just hate obvious hypocrisy.

  To be fair, the vote was 4 for 1 against, as Commissioner Pamela Jones Harbor wrote that she dissented "because I make alternate predictions about where this market is heading, and the transformative role the combined Google/DoubleClick will play if the proposed acquisition is consummated." So, not all blind.  Harbor has a history of reviewing antitrust and internet privacy, ecommerce, and consumer protection issues in private practice before joining the FTC.  So she probably can tell an Ethernet from usb cable, unlike the rest of the rusty Bush appointees and professors that make up the commission.  

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