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December 13, 2007

How much longer?

We're pretty tired of the political news.  It's not even vigorous enough to make fun of.  Pathetic.  Do we really have another year of this to go?  Here's how it's all going to shake out.

Hillary and Barack will continue on with weak meaningless debate until the great unwashed of this nation decide which candidate they want less.  A large portion of that decision will be based on the fact that Hillary is a woman, and Barack is black.  The deciding factor in that decision will be based on an accidental misstatement taken out of context and blown up in the media.  Sad, we know, but there are a large number of racist/sexist people out there in the middle of the country, and some of the edges, and the dumber they are the more they mobilize to vote. 

The Republicans will continue to hunt for a candidate who doesn't appear tainted by interests in big business, prior racist/sexist activities, personal moral hypocrisy, past allegiances to the Bush administration, or have a face that scares children.  They will fail.

Now that we've explained it, is it too much to hope that the news media will spend 90% less time covering this non-news?  Yeah, probably.


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