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December 9, 2007

Evil Xmas List #12...

We'll stop at 12.  Twelve days of Christmas, twelve items to buy for your friends... yeah, sure. 

Today's offering: Superbad. A film for the ages, a winner.

There's a tradition in coming of age movies since the '60s where the heroes quest for alcohol, parties, lost cars, and that eventual virgin slut. Along the way, they learn an unexpected lesson or two. And over the years these have become self-referential and repetitive. And repetitive and self-referential. That is, until Superbad.

Superbad takes a tired genre and freshens it up with great dialogue, new takes on archetypes, and inevitable eventual realizations. Then before you're ready it grabs both your nipples and twists hard spinning out a new level of raunch that both agonizes as we recognize ourselves in the characters and entertains as we realize we were never that bad.  Never that Superbad.


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