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November 29, 2007

Evil Xmas List #2: I Am America (And So Can You!)

Have you noticed there's a writer's strike going on?  Yeah, us too.  It's really helping us catch up on our reading.  But one real tragedy of the strike it noting that the Daily Show and Colbert Report are both in re-runs for the duration.

It's a perfect time to pick up Stephen Colbert's I Am America (And So Can You!) Taking the show content up a notch with a direct feed of Colbert interpretations of his effect on popular culture (and it does all come from, orbit, and eventually reference Stephen, this thick hardback can also help you bash sense into anyone who doesn't agree with you and Stephen.

If the content itself isn't enough, it comes with twelve Steven T. Colbert Award for Literary Excellence stickers with the invitation that you go out and "award" some books on your own.  Maybe at Barnes and Noble, maybe at the local library... not that we're suggesting anything mind you.  Those are just places with books (we know you enjoy those helpful orientating reminders.)

Oh yeah, it comes with one of those built-in red ribbon placeholders, like any good bible.  Not that we're trying to say anything there either...

  We loved the Amazon review that just reads I picked up this book too fast and broke my wrist. There should be a warning label.  

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