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November 28, 2007

Evil Xmas List #1: Wi-Fi Detector Shirt...

What could be more useful?  You need a t-shirt.  It's handy to have a Wi-Fi detector around.  Why not combine the two?  That's what the GENIUSES at ThinkGeek did.  Big glowing tower in the middle of the shirt, with light up strength indicator bands radiating out from the tower, each individually lit depending on local signal strength.

Yes, we have one of these, and it really works.  You can make all kinds of geeky comments about "hey the Wi-Fi is really strong / fringy / weak / non-existent around here" and impress those who are trying to decide whether to tug out their laptops and log on.  You're kind of like a weather advisory board for Internet access.

And not only did we get hundreds of thumbs-up wearing this around New Orleans at night, there were a noticeable number of scantily clad young ladies offering to take their shirts off just for permission to stroke our sensor.

No guarantees you'll get the same reaction with the ladies.  It might have helped that we were standing out in front of that Gentleman's Club too...

  And yes, if you're wearing this shirt you can officially use the nickname "hot spot" with the ladies.  

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