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November 26, 2007

Definitions in Saudi Arabia...

It is good to know, when traveling, how certain definitions change.

Case in point: Saudi Arabia.  A woman, yes a married woman, was inside a car with her lover in a parking structure.  Two men abducted the pair, drove to a location where they were joined by five other men, who gang raped the woman.

The upshot: A six month sentence and 200 lashes.

What's that you say?  Lashes are pretty severe punishment, so that is coming up pretty good for those bastards. 

Except you'd be wrong.  The punishment was given to the "adulterous" woman.  Victim is redefined as Violator.  She motivated the attack by being partially dressed in the car with a man who was not a relative.  Yeah, because men will be animals if they've never seen a woman outside a burka. Everyone knows that.

SA's strict rules on female behavior, not allowed outside except in the company of a male relative, haven't advanced much past Cro-Magnon thinking.  Add all that money and you've got a pretty twisted version of hell.

And the rapists?  Sentences of two to nine years, apparently no lashings.  But given the story as we know it we can only guess that they will all be offered positions in whatever passes for a SA justice department when they get out.

  Oh yeah, those seven guys raped the man she was seeing too.  Guys, you can cross Saudi Arabia off your travel plans as well.

(And yeah, we know there's no Justice department in SA. It's ruled by a king and the judges are all religious court appointees of the king. And the word justice has no place in a land like that.)


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