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November 20, 2007

Black Friday Plans?  Avoid the beasts...

Yeah, we'll admit that we kind of like getting up at 3am the day after Thanksgiving and trundling off to Best Buy and Circuit City for their sales.  Getting in line is kind of like a party, that is until the doors open and then it turns into a stampede.  But kind of fun.

The place to avoid though is Wal-Mart.  Seems like that's always the place where the herd-beast people head.  Those gravity challenged freaks are huge advertisements for overeating and not showering.  It's always on the news, the video shot from inside the store as the lumbering slabs of flesh jam through the doors not caring who they plow through or over.  Fine example of de-evolution.

And then they complain about how people judge fat people. Hey, it's not judgment, it's an observation. We let the camera pass judgment.


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