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November 17, 2007

Dallas, day 4...

Seen the preview for I am Legend where Will Smith is driving around this deserted city in the hot Mustang with a rifle across his lap?  Pretty surreal.

But not quite as surreal as the Dallas Fort Worth Airport at 3AM.

The place is huge, not a living soul in sight. Weird robotic tram moves silently two stories above us.  We're still a bit hung over from the last nights... libations.

Then out of the distance, a small dot appears.  A gray minivan with opaque smoked windows rolls up, stops, and idles ominously.  Again it's quiet except for the light idle sound.

The doors suddenly spring open and a parade of pink and powder-blue adorned pre-teen girls tumble out like circus clowns all screeching about heading off for Disneyland.

Frankly, we'd rather have faced the zombies.


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