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November 16, 2007

Dallas, day two...

We're traveling and the fucking Verizon phone isn't roaming. The damn thing is bricked.  Might as well have bought the fucking iPhone.

Can't believe how much we depend on that thing.  We're thinking about shaking the dependency - we can't stand feeling weak and alone without it.

Then again, there is the freedom of nobody being able to get in touch with us.


Fuck that!  We need our broadband internet access.  Can't believe how much we miss Wikipedia and IMDB in general conversation.  Not to give us answers, no not that, just to prove we were right in the first place!

  Oh yeah, Dallas.  Isn't it supposed to be hot here?  We only brought t-shirts and one pull-over and we're freezing our asses off.  Of course, we haven't left the hotel... damn air conditioning!  

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