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November 11, 2007

European Unlock?

Ok, the iPhone isn't even a week old and there's already a new set of unlocking software for our overseas friends.  Apparently available hours after the phones went on sale, they allow European phones to use a variety of networks. 

And wait, you've just hit France, bastion of funky communist business law.  French law requires cell phone operators to make available phones that are unlocked.  iPhones are supposed to go on sale in France on the 29th.  We're watching this one for sure.

Apple, just give up. Just pay off these exclusive contracts you've made with the telcos, and give the people what they want.

Wait a sec... isn't that what you say you do already?

Obviously not.  You think different.

  And no, we're still not in for an iPhone.  8GB tops?  We have portable keychain storage devices with more space.  Apple will continue to dribble out more space over the next few years to keep people buying hardware upgrades, regardless of user feedback.  Kind of a monopolistic tactic, wouldn't you say?  

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