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November 10, 2007

Screwing over the wait staff...

So many articles and calculators out there for figuring out the appropriate tip for a good waiter.  So few guidelines on when to Stiff the wait staff in general.

We're here to help.

First - if it's a cafeteria, and the waiter basically brought you silverware or was only there to try to entice you with some desert that you didn't actually buy, the correct percentage tip is Zero.  No, wait, let's check that.  Yup.  Zero.

Now if your waiter actually did take an order and deliver food to your table, you have a series of questions to answer to figure out the right tip percentage.  We like the diminishing value method.  We start at 20 percent, and deduct 3 to 5 percent for every occasion of the following:

Remember, unless you're paying above 15%, pay in cash.  Would you give someone you just stiffed a credit card number?  Oh, you have?  Well, think about that for a bit.

And, by the way, if more than half of the above happen in the same visit, we leave with a place setting or two in our pockets.

Glad to help.

  And "Hi, My Name is Gwen."  This one was for you.   

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