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November 9, 2007

OK, we're all for useless tricks, but...

This one has us scratching our heads.  Sony, internationally acclaimed electronics manufacturer and rootkit installer, announced a PS3 update that lets users "remotely start their PS3 using a web-enabled PSP and access real-time Playstation news via the newly announced Information Board."

OK, interesting part: You can use a PSP to remotely wake a PS3.

Otherwise, WTF?

If we have a web-enabled PSP, can't we go directly to a web source for news, PlayStation and otherwise? 

And they now let you customize the Cross Media Bar (rebranded from the  XrossMediaBar?  Was XMB too 74/|\3 1337?), the most fucked-up UI invented in the last 20 years.  (Yeah, we're including a multitude of DOS GUI shells in that studied evaluation in case you couldn't tell.)

Other improvements that bring it squarely into the 20th century: Playlists, Skins, and Photo Playlists.

OK, we'll stop screwing around and comment on the one compelling feature.  Apparently the update lets a PSP connect to your PS3 and listen to the music and watch the video there.  That's kind of cool, or it would be if we hadn't already set up a Slingbox on our Tivo years ago so we could go so beyond that minor function that it's simply another boring Sony trick.  We watch our home-recorded shows and movies on our phone.

Still for someone who has spent nearly ~$800 for their Sony PS3 and PSP setups, the ability to watch all those game preview videos remotely might be interesting.

OK, maybe not.

  Sure, we'll install it on our PS3 and check it out.  We've got the time, the equipment, and the need to bitch about this stuff from a fully informed point of view.  

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