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November 5, 2007

Writers on Strike

No not us, the television and movie writers went on strike today.  And we were thrilled by the news as the initial analysis was that late night comedy would be hit the hardest.  That they would immediately go into showing re-runs. 

Then we learned that probably meant shows like The Daily Show, and Late Night with David Letterman which depend on topical humor.  They're likely to start rerunning shows from last month.  Oh joy, that's not confusing at all.  What?  More fires in southern CA?  Another earthquake?  Bush wants how much more money for his war?

You see, they said late night comedy, and we were hoping it meant they'd start re-running Saturday Night Live shows from the '70's and 80's.  You know back when  the skits had jokes instead of just catch phrases. And that's just probably not going to happen.

Still, if Hollywood is interested, we're available. We've scabbed before, we know the drill. Especially that bit about not leaving your car parked near the picketers - that was a hard lesson.


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