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November 2, 2007

NOLA - Yeah, they're still waiting for Bush...

We toured the devastated areas.

Yeah, there's still a lot pain.  That's an understatement. There's pain, FEMA resentment, people still in tents and "FEMA trailers" if they're lucky.  You can look at neighborhood after neighborhood and simply not be able to picture how they might have looked before a 20 foot wall of water came down the street. And there's not a lot of reason for many to come back, they own the lands, but rebuilding is costly and any new houses would cause them to pay higher property taxes than before. The lands are still below sea level, the new levies look slightly better than the old ones, but not by much.  It's a strange situation.

There are a lot of reasons to be angry here, but most folks have this determined way about them - they're friendly and we haven't seen a lot of beggars.

Can't find a way to make this funny today.


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