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October 31, 2007

NOLA - Late Report - Halloween

We were a little afraid we might have not timed this right, that Saturday would have been the real Halloween party, and we didn't give ourselves enough time to really enjoy it.

Senseless fear really.  Halloween is on Halloween, and the weekend before is just a mild bonus.

Party starts down by the river, with the parade, and winds up to Bourbon street and back. We partied at the Palm Court, with live jazz - could really have stayed there all night.  But then it was back up to B St. to hang out on a balcony across from the Bedazzled "Gentlemens club.  We're not gentlemen, so we just watched from outside. So much to watch.  No words, just go yourself.

And for those you leave at home, tell them don't wait up. You're gonna be out for a while.


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