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October 30, 2007

NOLA - Burbon Street Scams

Ok, here's our travel trip of the day.

Sometime, in the French Quarter or somewhere late at night somebody will come up and offer to shine your shoes.

Keep walking, away from this person. That's what we did.  But we were later curious, and looked it up on the internet.  Here's the scam:

Imaginary interaction from a hood and an anesthesiologist.

Hoodlum: Hey, you! How about a shoe shine?

Anesthesiologist (trying to walk try the hustler quickly):

No thanks, my shoes don't need to be shined

Hoodlum: I bet I can guess where you bought your shoes. (At this point the hustler walks quickly towards the unsuspecting anesthesiologist and throws something filthy on his shoes. He then proceeds to shine the shoes, even though the request to shine them has been denied)

Anesthesiologist (standing by helplessly as the hustler cleans this filthy substance off of his shoes): Hey! I didn't ask you to shine my shoes.

Hoodlum: (reaching up a large hand and looking very intimidating, while his friends do likewise from nearby) You owe me twenty dollars for the shoeshine.

Anesthesiologist (sweating): but, I didn't ask you to shine my shoes.

Hoodlum: (looking even more menacing) You owe me twenty dollars. Pay up or else.

Anesthesiologist: (pays the twenty dollars and walks away.)


So just keep walking.  Nobody needs to get their hands on your shoes.

And that's your evil.com PSA for today...

  Oh, and wallet in the front pocket is a must.   

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