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October 15, 2007

The problem is, the media pretends to be stupid...

We just watched Erik Price defend his company, Blackwater, on 60 Minutes.  And we were struck by one thing.

God but that blonde reporter was a moron.

Actually, we don't think she was a moron, but she played to the part too easily.  Asking questions like "do you wish your company hadn't killed innocent civilians?"

Well... duh.

Was she really expecting him to say "Sure, we like going after the innocent civilians, cuz, you see, we're all a bunch of racist power mongers who want to go after those who don't shoot back." 

No, it's a softball question.  And it's a stupid question.

Anyone who doesn't believe that both sides of a war will accidentally kill innocents on one side or the other, unintentionally, is a moron. There's one truth in war - it's that death isn't picky.

So we watch our reporters, each one trying to get their story, their ticket to being an anchor, a leader, a writer, a pundit.  And truth has little to do with any of that. So they pretend to be stupid, because the stupid questions are the easy ones to ask, and the ones most likely to get a rise, an emotional answer, the golden moment they can point to and call themselves a journalist.



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