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October 4, 2007

The right to portray flaws...

We cringe at the thought that ABC is apologizing to the Philippines today over something an imaginary character said.

Susan, on Desperate Housewives apparently disparaged her doctor's education by saying she was going to check on his diplomas and make sure none of them were from schools in the Philippines.

Inappropriate?  Sure.  Racist?  Maybe.  But have you ever heard someone say something like that?  Heard someone stupid utter such a phrase?

Of course you have. 

It may be bad.  May be hurtful.  But it's realistic.

Kids, we now live in a world governed by the hypersensitive, ready to call a boycott, or sanction, or embargo.  And no one is courageous enough to stand up to them - so the cretins rule.

And so, we can all look forward to a sterile little world of unrealistic characters in our entertainment who never say anything that isn't proper and polite.  Oh boy.

Maybe that's why Science Fiction is so popular these days.  Nobody gets upset when Kirk says bad things about Klingons.  And so SciFi becomes more real than common fiction.


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