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October 3, 2007

Leave the drug addict alone...

Everyone is jumping on Rush Limbaugh for his comments about how soldiers who don't support Bush's war are "phony soldiers."

We're not gonna bash Rush here.  If anyone knows phony soldiers its a guy who was able to take a minor disorder, easily fixed by outpatient surgery, and use it to keep himself out of Viet Nam. So in this case, he's got some background.

That and you really can't hold a convicted narcotics addict to his word.  Those guys have strange things going on in their heads... hell, you can tell that just by tuning into his "show" at any random point.  The cause-effect situations he points out are delusional, he simply can't be expected to make sense folks!

So let's all just leave this guy alone.  He's just the media equivalent of a guy standing by the road with a hand-drawn paper sign.  Pity him, but make sure your windows are all rolled up.


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