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October 1, 2007

Another blow for freedom from extremists...

Radical Muslim students in the news again today.  Their target: Beyonce's booty.

Apparently Malaysia's student population was demanding that the singer cover herself up and not dance provocatively in Kuala Lampur. 

Here's a great quote: female performers (must) cover up from the top of their chests to their knees, including their shoulders.  OK, we're not sure about Malaysian women, but for most of the rest of the world the shoulders to the knees would include their chests - but maybe they're just being cautious.  Does bring to mind some damn interesting visuals about violations that might occur without that extra clause though.

Oh yeah, no dancing either.  Just stand in front of the microphone and sing.

We want to know how many of those objecting were actually going to attend the concert if she complied?  We're guessing one, just to watch and report back to the other joy killers. 

But, no chance there.  Somehow "a scheduling conflict" was discovered and Beyonce will not be performing in KL. 

We applaud Beyonce, yeah a first from us, for sticking to her guns (not a metaphor) and not compromising on a major part of her artistic contribution. Come on now, you might as well just stay home and listen to the CDs.


  Gwen Stefani caved to similar demands a few months ago rather than have her gig cancelled by similar factions.  We're not going to diss GS, but we sure would have liked to see her start this trend.  

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