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Sept 26, 2007

Beauty of a free market...

Hey, check out that whole capitalism in action thing going on in the music download arena.  You've got market leader Apple, under fire from Amazon.  Now is Amazon doing it with lawyers, lawsuits, and bribes to senators?  Nope, they're rolling out a competing product with more goodness for users; lower priced music with no copy protection.

We love this stuff!  It's great for customers, and it makes companies fight to create better products.  It's the kind of thing that makes America great. 

As opposed to all those companies who continue to force states to spend our tax dollars prosecuting better products instead of building better products themselves. We're not naming names here, we expect you know who we're talking about.  And that in itself is proof of the argument.

  And yes in case you are wondering, we had that dream about the elevator again.  Weird, not sexual at all...  

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