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Sept 14, 2007

Whole new world of double-speak...

As George W. Bush finally awakens to the brick wall he's been slamming his head against for the last two years, we prepare ourselves for a new world of Republican Party approved double-speak.

First sighting: Bush's "return to numbers."  Basically, a reduction of current troops, but seen as a return to pre-surge numbers. 

Well, la ti friggin dah.

We also watch with interest as General Petraeus talks about the "draw down."  This has the macho implication of drawing your guns, almost in a contest like fashion on some level. 

And then there's Gates (a name that must rake the sensibilities of a certain Washington state billionaire every time it is uttered without a first name.) Robert Gates makes note of "the math" when evaluating that there would be 100k troops in Iraq in January 2009, when the next president inherits this colossal fuck-up.

Do the math.  Do it faster. Do it now.


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