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Sept 8, 2007

Are we the only ones who cringe...

When Bush's homeland security advisor, Fran Townsend, stands up in front of the press and says Osama bin Laden is "virtually impotent," we have to assume W is being quoted or referenced.  So what's at the heart of it?  Is bin Laden impotent?  Maybe he is, maybe he isn't, but you have to call him out on it?  What the fuck is that for?  Are you trying to make him prove he's not, like some drunken fool standing outside a Texas bar waiting for the guy who scratched your "beemer?" 

What is the point?  Does your administration really need to score "macho points" with your hick friends?  FUCK!  SHUT THE FUCK UP! CLOSE YOUR MORONIC PIE HOLE!

When the fuck does the impeachment start?


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