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Sept 6, 2007

So long Luciano

Luciano Pavarotti, dead today at 71.  And you don't care. But you should.

We need giants in this world.  Real talent, performers whose names evoke a "yeah, that guy's got undeniably amazing talent." Pavarotti was the "King of the High Cs" due to his ability to belt out the major tenor notes without breaking a sweat. You may have recently been exposed to him by wandering in on a performance by "The Three Tenors."  He was the big guy with the beard. Yeah, maybe you remember now.

We need those guys, those amazing talents.  Not the band of the week guys, the one-hit-wonders, but the true icons.  They remind us that just catching some moderate fame does not really make you a star.  They provide inspiration, even if you can't sit through three hours of Italian singing without a large drink at hand.

Seventy-one years is far too short.   Arrivederci signore.


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