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August 27, 2007

When the chief lawyer is a liar...

Albert Gonzalez, Bush Administration Attorney General, resigned by phone yesterday. Wow, class that.

Gonzalez has been repeatedly questioned and stumbling over his conflicting and embarrassing answers about how the administration cleaned house in a series of "dismissals" for nine U.S. attorneys on December 7th, 2006. It's been argued that the attorneys were dismissed to prevent or hinder investigations of Republicans or because they wouldn't begin trumped-up investigations of Democratic, and that he was working under the advice and recommendations of the current administration. Yep, just another crony.

Of course, his testimony has been symptomatic of an apparent onset of Alzheimers, so regardless of whether it's sincere memory loss or a chronic condition we are happy to say "adios Al."  We just hope that the Senate gets back before Bush makes a recess appointment.

  Stand not upon the order of your going,
But go at once.
Macbeth, III, iv, 106

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