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August 26, 2007

Counter evolution...

Modesty has never been a problem for us, and we hate to see it actually become a "movement." But apparently there's a movement gathering momentum around the writings of Wendy Shalit.  Both her books, A Return to Modesty and Girls Gone Mild, are promoting dressing with less skin, thicker fabrics, and fewer t-shirt slogans like "Who needs brains when you've got these."

No surprise that we're not fans - any movement that tells people how to think, especially when it is formulated by plain women targeting hot women, oppresses their ability to think, evaluate, and decide for themselves.

It is interesting to think that this kind of movement is playing directly into the diatribes many middle-eastern critics aim at the US's, denouncing our culture of "Western Decadence."

Yes kids, if you throw away those belly shirts and low-cut jeans, the terrorists win.

  We're also upset that all of the pictures of Wendy we could find on the net were cropped at the neck.  Except the ones that were obviously putting her face on Shannon Elizabeth's body, which is not something we approve of either.  We like Shannon without editing.  

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