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August 22, 2007

Kids aren't the problem...  

We have had a number of near-death experiences lately.  They all involve one thing: cell phones.  Specifically, cell phones in the hands of people who should be FUCKING WATCHING WHERE THEY'RE DRIVING!

Now we see where California State Senator Joe Simitian is proposing to make it illegal for drivers under the age of 18 to talk on a cell phone while driving.  This is Senate Bill 33 for those who like to look things up.

You may be saying "hey, good move" at this, but we tend to differ.  All our near death experiences lately have involved soccer moms driving monster SUVs while they yack on their cell.  But a law singling out that group of people would be "wrong" because it would be too focused on a gender and a buying habit.  It's easier to go after kids, who aren't legal adults, and can't vote (and won't be voting against Joe in any coming election) than it is to go after the sisters in Suburbans.

However, we contend that our law would save more lives.

  Oh, we kid.  We're actually against anyone making a call from behind the wheel. It's probably fine to start with kids, providing that's just a start.  Then it's on to the adults in order of vehicle weight...

Consumer hint: If you're in a serious car accident, one that goes to court, make sure to subpoena the cell phone record of the driver of the other car. Makes for great evidence as to who was actually paying attention to their driving. That is, unless you were on the phone - as you don't want to give their lawyer any ideas...


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