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August 6, 2007

We're not the ones for the job...

News out of Iraq today is that the US has "misplaced" 190,000 military class weapons recently.  This part of the surge we weren't told about?

Yep, these are the AK-47s and other big guns that were supposed to be distributed among the Iraqi police forces, but now likely arm the insurgent forces.

This coming along with whining from Robert Gates that while a troop
"drawdown" is possible for September, it's unlikely that Iraq will establish political stability before then

Yeah, there's no doubt this administration wants to be part of the process by which the Iraq government and people stabilize the wreckage we've made of their country.  However, you have to ask yourself, seriously, are these clowns capable of doing it regardless of any timeframe?

  What is it with Iraq and missing weapons of destruction, mass or otherwise?  

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